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Make Safe Ceiling Option

PROBLEM: Plasterboard Ceiling falling away from trusses or ceiling battens.

Not always do you have the time or the money immediately to fix your plasterboard ceilings. This problem can occur with little notice and at the most inconvenient times.

The last thing in life you need is your garage ceiling falling onto your car or a lounge ceiling potentially falling onto your family.

SOLUTION: Melbourne Plaster Repairs provides an option where we will come around and provide a make safe option for your plasterboard ceiling.

  • Timbers are used to secure the ceiling into position.

In no means is this the finished or final product, its sole purpose is to prevent the ceiling from falling down and allows you time to gather quotes, or discuss the repair or replacement with your insurance company.

Be sure to ask for a No obligation, Free quote to repair or replace your damaged plasterboard ceiling.

We offer a 7 day service for the Make Safe option: pricing starting from $450 for approximately up to 6m X 6m in ceiling area and up to 2.7m ceiling height.

Pricing will differ if ceiling area and height is larger.

If you are concerned with your ceilings condition, contact Brett today: 0425772746.